Hi-ho, hi-ho…

It’s off to work we go. Or not.

My last post ended telling you I was returning to the work force. So that happened. Part time for two and a half weeks…

For me personally, turns out it just wasn’t the right time. I found that I was simply going through the motions and not really enjoying being at work like I used to. I did like catching up with my old friends and colleagues and having a moment to myself during the day (in fact a number of whole moments in a row – wowsers!) but beyond that – blergh. Callum was still unhappy for day care drop off (and yes, I hear the chorus of “that’s normal, lots of kids are like that”) but I figured if I’m not truly happy being at work, why would I put the little guy through that stress twice a week?

After my first week back I was already considering the fact that I wasn’t in the right place and then week two rolled around and I was still sitting at my desk during the day thinking, frequently, uh, why am I here again? Monday of week three after having a fairly sleepless night with Callum being up and down, I broke the news to my boss. He’d seen the writing on the wall. Smart guy. And awesome – totally understanding of the situation and reassured me that I needed to do what was right for my family. Couldn’t ask for a better manager to be honest.

As I told James that night when I got home – I already have a job – looking after our little man. Why on earth did I think I needed to “go back to work”? I am working. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For better pay – I get paid in smiles, laughs, cuddles (and tears – but that’s all part of it).

Here are some things I love about being home with Callum:

1) Snuggling up to him when he goes down for a nap.

2) The way his little face lights up with a big smile and he cries out “MUM!” when I return to the room after being away for two minutes.

3) Feeling his soft little hands on my face when we’re mucking around playing.

4) Hearing and making Callum laugh.

5) Watching him concentrate and try to figure out how something works.

Seriously, why wouldn’t I want to stay at home with this kid? 🙂 Being a stay at home Mum is what works for our little family right now. Its not the right choice for everyone and that’s what life is all about – making the right choice for you and your situation.

Has anyone else had a successful (or not) return to work recently?



2 thoughts on “Hi-ho, hi-ho…

  1. Michelle Hanlon Post author

    Thanks Dave 🙂 Once I had made the decision that work wasn’t, well, “working” for me I felt so much happier and relaxed. I’m glad I did go back, albeit briefly, as I’m no longer wondering if I really miss work at the moment.


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