Spicy Fish Curry

make this using the red chilli curry paste.


A tasty sty and simple curry. Serve with rice of your choice.

Spicy Fish Curry

this is a recipe that my mum and her husband cooked for us while visiting recently. It was good enough that I had to write it down.

Make the curry paste then cook the curry.

Naan Bread

I had a long long weekend and decided to spend some of it working out how to cook naan bread. My first attempt didn’t turn out too badly and I’m certainly willing to have another go. The tricks so far:

  1. It is a sticky dough. Use flour on your hands.
  2. Use a mix of strong flour and plain flour. It makes it a little more stretchy.
  3. Be prepared to hurt your pan. You need to cook it hot, so use an old pan or make sure you have a real cast iron skillet that can take being super hot.

We found that this went fabulously with our Indian Spiced Lamb Racks

Indian Spiced Lamb Racks with Naan and Honey-Lime Yoghurt

We decided to try a new recipe tonight and ended up with this one thanks to Donna Hay with a few minor variations. Unfortunately we were both too hungry to consider taking a picture and we just scoffed it down.

With the use of shop-bought curry paste and naan this is a super quick, easy and delicious meal. Our version, where we decided to make our own Naan Bread was also pretty quick and easy but just required a bit of early preparation to allow the Naan time to rise. The juices from the lamb mix with the yoghurt, chilli and mint, and then soak into the naan. Delicious!!!

We are sure that this one will appear on weeknight menus again in the future.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

This recipe is originally from Paleo Hacks: http://blog.paleohacks.com/coconut-flour-pancakes/

I have tried a number of coconut flour pancake recipes from the internet and this is by far the best!