Naan Bread

I had a long long weekend and decided to spend some of it working out how to cook naan bread. My first attempt didn’t turn out too badly and I’m certainly willing to have another go. The tricks so far:

  1. It is a sticky dough. Use flour on your hands.
  2. Use a mix of strong flour and plain flour. It makes it a little more stretchy.
  3. Be prepared to hurt your pan. You need to cook it hot, so use an old pan or make sure you have a real cast iron skillet that can take being super hot.

We found that this went fabulously with our Indian Spiced Lamb Racks

Odds and Sods Soup

The weather in Perth this last week has been delightful – bright sunny days at the end of winter.  Then today the temperature dropped again and rain is forecast.  Which got me thinking about soup for lunch.  I love soup (except Mushroom Soup – that’s gross.  I love mushrooms, just not Mushroom Soup).  Anyway, I decided to raid our fridge for random odds and ends to turn into soup – hence Odds and Sods Soup!

The ingredients below just happen to be what I found lurking in our fridge and pantry, but you could substitute other vegetables and meat to use up your own leftover bits and pieces.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Coconut PancakesIn the later stages of my pregnancy I have had pancake cravings! I’m not normally one to go for pancakes at breakfast, but the last few months has seen me eating them quite regularly… The recipe below is a somewhat healthy version of pancakes made with coconut flour.