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OK, here it is, I’m a lazy blogger. Who knew it had been five months since my last post? Where did that time even go? Was there a rip in the space-time continuum? Did aliens abduct me? Was I suffering from amnesia and assuming a whole new identity? Well, nope, nope and nope. Just a lazy blogger. Oops.

So what has been happening since August 6 2014? Plenty! Highlight reel below:

– we headed to Albany for the ANZAC Centenary Commemorations. This was a great weekend, really well organised and executed. We enjoyed various events including the laying of 30,000 poppies on the beach, the parade down the main street and the re-enactment of the fleet departure. Callum and I stayed on after the weekend for another week, enjoying family time in Albany and catch ups with some old friends.

– I have started learning how to knit. Yay. Old school skills are the best skills.

– James’ mum and her husband came to stay. We had a lovely time while they were here and Callum loved having his Grandma and Pop around. James and I even got to sneak out for a date night! Oooooh! We also had Callum’s first Zoo trip with Grandma and Pop and James and I joined up as Friends of the Zoo given we live so close and its a great place to explore with Callum (although sometimes Callum is more excited about looking at bins – yes, bins – and ducks than the actual animals we’ve come to see…).

– my mum came for a visit in December, including Christmas. We had two weddings to go to in the weeks leading up to Xmas, so mum was chief babysitter! Both weddings were beautiful and we really enjoyed sharing these special moments with our friends. Callum had a great time with Nanna over the two weeks and we all enjoyed a relaxed Christmas Day with my brother’s extended family.

– after my mum headed home, we had a week together for the three of us before James had to go back to work. We had a couple of beach mornings including BBQ brekkie, another Zoo visit and some relaxed play dates with friends. Callum and I were a little sad to see James head back to work but someone’s gotta earn the spendoolies!

– Callum is growing into a fun loving, curious, spontaneously loving little dude. He is rapidly picking up more and more words and signs (we still do Toddler Sign, although it’s in recess over summer holidays), loves anything to do with water or wheels and is still pretty keen on playing with pots, pans and onions/potatoes

That’s us. Things coming up – a long weekend down south with some friends and their bubs plus a weddings, parties, anything trip to Queensland for one of my close friends’ wedding and James’ Dad’s 70th. Lots to look forward to. Somewhere amongst all that I’ll try and write a blog post or two. Daring.

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    1. Michelle Hanlon Post author

      Indeed Kym! I’m not sure when but a Tassie trip is always lurking at the back of my mind 🙂


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