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Fiery Items Database – Bug Fixes

For those of you who use my fiery items database I fixed a couple of bugs tonight.

  1. The detailed item display now includes the area that the item is from if it is available.  For future versions I think that this might become a drop down, but for now it is free text.
  2. Previously if you added an item that could be worn/wielded in multiple slots then only the first listed slot made it into the database.  This is now fixed for new items however I haven’t attempted to review all the previously entered items.  I’m sure that there are a bunch that need correcting so if you notice one please use the “Edit” function and update it.

Having written this update, I’ve just had a thought that I should store the entire “Identify” string in my database as well as the parsed values.  This would make it a whole lot simpler to update items if I find another bug in how things are parsed from the identify output.  However that is an update for another time.

As always, if any of you who use this database have ideas for improvements or notice something else that is wrong, please let me know using a comment on this website, mudmail, or any other means that you have to contact me.