Growing, growing, growing…

Mish showing off her pregnant belly at 32 weeks.

Mish showing off her pregnant belly at 32 weeks.

At almost 32 weeks, I am starting to feel like my bump is getting bigger almost daily…  And just recently my belly button became an ‘outy’ – eeeek!

I’ve also noticed of late that I am starting to get tired and am looking forward to finishing work in just over two weeks – woot, woot!  In all seriousness though, I definitely wouldn’t want to work right up to the due date.  I think by then I’ll be happy just pottering around home and trying to ‘bank’ as much sleep as possible.

I can’t complain though, my pregnancy so far has been great.  No morning sickness to speak of and the worst I have had is extreme tiredness during the first trimester (which I think is pretty standard) and I did discover heartburn/indigestion towards the end of the first trimester.  Thankfully it didn’t last very long.

My belly bump is starting to feel quite full but I know Eggbert still has some growing to do, so I guess there will be some more room to expand…  Somewhere…  I wonder how others have felt about that in the last couple of months of their pregnancies?


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