The Bump is Alive

My lovely wife Michelle has been having the pleasure of feeling our baby moving inside her for a little while now but yesterday I finally got to experience the movement for myself. Michelle called me over to the couch and told me that she could feel Eggbert (our temporary name) moving.

She had been explaining to me that it just felt like a random “pop” at various random times, but that it wasn’t happening with any regularity.  I was thinking that I might have to spend a lot of time with my hand glued to her stomach, especially as we weren’t even sure that what she was feeling inside her could be felt by someone else.  Luckily for both of us within a minute or two I felt a bump under my fingers.  It felt like Eggbert was just pushing my hand away – maybe I was blocking his or her view.

What a magical moment for a first time father to be and one that I won’t ever forget.

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About James McMahon

James is a forty-something year old IT professional and father of 1 who live and works in Perth Western Australia. Outside of work he plays and referees touch football and is actively involved in the development and education of referees in this sport. He has also recently taken up Australian rules football umpiring thanks to being regularly involved in the game through his wife's team, the Coastal Titans. James is also a keen photographer, scuba diver, and cook.

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