Basic Pasta Dough

This is a basic pasta dough recipe. The first time I made it I was amazed at how simple it was.

Pasta dough - ready to rest

Pasta dough after Step 3. Ready to rest and formed into a smooth ball.

Pasta dough.

Pasta dough during Step 4 – folded in 3 and ready to be run through the machine a second time.

Home made pasta

The finished product. Ready be cooked and eaten

Simple Pizza Dough

Herb and Garlic Pizza

One yummy use for this dough. Topped with minced oregano, garlic, basil and coriander, a little olive oil, and some sea salt.

This simple pizza dough is really easy and makes a lovely crispy pizza base. Last time I made it it was used in a simple herb pizza just topped with a fresh herb oil and rock salt, and also in some spinach and mushroom calzone. I need more practice with the calzone so I might put that recipe up when it is perfected.