Eggbert’s First Concert

For those of you not in the know, Eggbert is the name that my wife and I refer to our soon to be first child. Tonight we took him or her to his or her first concert – an awesome night in Kings Park listening to two legends of Australian Rock ‘n Roll, Paul Kelly and Neil Finn.

Eggbert is currently 29 weeks and according to all the books should now be starting to react to sounds. From the amount of movement going on in Michelle’s stomach Eggbert certainly liked the music tonight. While Michelle and I were dancing and jigging on our picnic blanket it was quite obvious that Eggbert was dancing and jigging in the lovely little coccoon of amniotic fluid within Michelle’s belly.

I wonder if we will end up with a musician or a dancer, or maybe just someone who enjoys both.

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James is a forty-something year old IT professional and father of 1 who live and works in Perth Western Australia. Outside of work he plays and referees touch football and is actively involved in the development and education of referees in this sport. He has also recently taken up Australian rules football umpiring thanks to being regularly involved in the game through his wife's team, the Coastal Titans. James is also a keen photographer, scuba diver, and cook.

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