My Introduction to WordPress

On a recent visit with my mum and her husband I was discussing a website that they are involved with for the Southern Highlands University of the Third Age (U3A) He mentioned that the site is managed using wordpress which I had only ever heard of in respect to the site. A quick bit of research led me to WordPress.Org and suggested that I’d be very interested.

All I can say since then is that I’ve been very impressed. The download and install via my hosting company was incredibly painless using Softaculous, and getting some basic content up, customising a child template based on the default “twentytwelve” that it ships with was rather simple. Even getting some of my existing PHP code to work as a custom page and connect to a pre-existing database was relatively simple.

For further information on how to setup a child them and customise it within WordPress use the more link below.

Setting up a Child Theme

A child theme is the simplest way to make some customisations to the behaviour of a WordPress site without having to worry about losing your changes in a future upgrade of your theme. The basics are very simple:

  1. Create a directory for your new Child Theme in the “themes” directory of your wordpress installation. This is likely www/wp_content/themes.
  2. Create or copy a properly formatted “styles.css” in this directory.  The simplest way to do this is to copy and paste the following code into this file:/*
    Theme Name: Nublue
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child theme based on Twenty Twelve for customisations
    Author: James McMahon
    Author URI:
    Template: twentytwelve
    Version: 0.1.0
    @import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”);
  3. Update the comments in the lines above to reflect your details.
  4. Note that the @import statement is important so that you inherit all the styles that are part of your parent theme.
  5. Start customising your theme by adding custom CSS elements, or creating new page templates for use with existing or new scripts, forms etc.
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About James McMahon

James is a forty-something year old IT professional and father of 1 who live and works in Perth Western Australia. Outside of work he plays and referees touch football and is actively involved in the development and education of referees in this sport. He has also recently taken up Australian rules football umpiring thanks to being regularly involved in the game through his wife's team, the Coastal Titans. James is also a keen photographer, scuba diver, and cook.

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