Eva Jean

Eva Jean

I received the news tonight that my younger brother, Nigel, and his wife, Jen, gave birth to the newest member of our family tonight. Welcome to the world Eva Jean, 8lb 3oz (3.71kg) and 53cm.

Now that I’ve made that announcement, does it seem strange that in a country that has used the metric system for well over 30 years now typically provides the weight of a new born baby in pounds, but the length in centimeters? Perhaps it is even stranger that nearly every adult I know now refers to their weight in kilograms but their height in feet and inches?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the world Eva Jean

  1. Don

    I think the actual stats were 8lb 3oz and 53cm pedantic grandpa m. but the mix of units is strange, so for those more modern ones 3.71kg, in any language a whopper
    Met her for the first time last light and it was love at first sight so you can imagine how smitten Jen and Nige are


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