Playing the waiting game

After our most recent visit to the Obstetrician earlier this week James and I are both a little bit on edge with anticipation as the Obstetrician seemed fairly confident that Eggbert would come sometime soon, at the very least by the expected 3 June due date…  No signs of labour yet though.

So the last few days one or the other of us has been thinking could it be today??  Or maybe tonight??  Which hasn’t been great for getting a relaxing nights sleep (not to mention I am still frequenting the bathroom far too often at night time!).  Its a somewhat strange feeling to be so close to finally meeting Eggbert and yet having no idea when that meeting might take place.  As one of my friends put it today – its like the ultimate surprise – when will it happen, what will I be doing, where will I be…

Every time I feel something slightly different, I think, could this be it?  Is this a sign of labour??  Nope.  Not yet.  I guess we’ll just have to try and be patient and trick ourselves into thinking that Eggbert is going to be overdue so we’re not too overwhelmed with nervous anticipation.  I’ll let you know how we go with that next time I update you on our progress!

3 thoughts on “Playing the waiting game

    1. Michelle Hanlon Post author

      Thanks Bill 🙂 Nothing to report yet… Official due date tomorrow – maybe Eggbert wants to come on time?? Ha, ha!


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