And we have a Nursery…

Nursery MainLast weekend I put the finishing touches on our nursery 🙂  I really enjoy planning, shopping for and decorating interior spaces.  The nursery was particularly fun because I wanted it to be a room that was full of colour and whimsy, but still functional as a space for Eggbert (when he/she is older – at this stage we’re planning on Eggbert sleeping in a cradle in our room for a while) and as a place for changing baby.

The room itself is quite small, so once we had the cot in (thanks to my brother and his wife for donating their old cot and to James for spending a whole weekend sanding it back and painting it white for me!!) and a nice big chest of drawers that will be suitable for a number of years, that was it for furniture!  I added a tree wall mural from, a very cute painting that my Maid of Honour did for my baby shower, dragonfly lights as a ‘night lamp’, plus some cute bits and bobs I received from the lovely ladies that came to my baby shower and voila!  Nursery is a happening thing.

So now its a waiting game for Eggbert to arrive.  Less than two weeks to the official due date of 3 June.  We recently put the cradle together and placed it in our bedroom so I could get used to navigating around it at night on my frequent trips to the bathroom!! 😉  As I mentioned above, we’re planning to have Eggbert in our room for a few months, will just see how that goes as we’ve had various stories from friends and relatives on their experiences sharing a room with a new bub – both good and bad.

I wonder how other couples have found sharing their room with a new bub or if bub went straight into the nursery?

Nursery Lights
Nursery Mural

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