To teeth, or not to teeth…

That is the question.  Not just for Callum, but for us too.  Is he teething?  How do we know he’s teething?  He can’t tell us if he is or isn’t.  Enter Dr Google, check teething symptoms.  Well, Callum appears to have a number of them but apparently some babies show all the symptoms, some babies show one or two and some babies (ahem, not many) aren’t bothered by teething at all.

Last week Callum seemed very out of sorts for three or four days.  His daytime naps went to pot (as well as some of his night time sleeps), he was quite irritable and clingy when he is normally a pretty chilled baby, he had rosy red cheeks on and off, wanted to chew his hand, fingers, arm, my fingers… and he was drooling, drooling, drooling…  Plus his gums have recently flattened out and there are some little bumps under there.  So we suspect he probably was teething as apparently the symptoms can come and go for quite some time prior to any teeth actually making a grand appearance!  Poor little guy.  I got some teething gel and some teething rings that can be refrigerated and that seemed to help a little.

For now he seems better, however I am sure there will be more episodes like this to come as he hasn’t got any teeth out yet.  Ah babies, just when you think they have a little routine going, BAM!  Along comes the tooth fairy and sprinkles a little teething dust on things just to mess it all up 😉

Does anyone else have some teething tips or stories they’d like to share?  Please comment below.

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