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Mushy, mushy…

Callum is now over five months old!  The time has flown by (although some days have seemed endless, something I’m sure many parents will relate to).  Our little heart breaker is looking more and more like a little boy and not so baby-ish every day.  Its amazing.

I recently attended a talk on solids at my local Community Health Centre.  Not long after this Callum started showing much more of an interest in food, so we tried him on solids a few days ago.  Fun!  So far Callum has had rice cereal, spinach, zucchini and carrot.  And loved it.

Prior to attending the solids talk, I was considering going down the baby led weaning track (for more information on this, check out this website: http://www.babyledweaning.com/).  The basic premise behind baby led weaning is that you skip the puree and give baby soft foods (e.g. steamed carrot pieces) that still look like ‘real food’ which they can grasp and attempt to self feed.  This concept is fairly well followed in the UK, however the Community Health Nurse noted it is not generally recommended in Australia due to some speech pathologists advising babies need to learn to develop their mouth and tongue muscles starting with pureed food, then mashed and gradually moving to actual pieces of soft food…  I’m still interested in the baby led weaning concept but decided to go down the more traditional feeding route with Callum.

Callum with a spinach goatee.

Callum with a spinach goatee.

Yum I'll have some more please.

Yum I’ll have some more please.